AI Terminal Productivity with Warp

Generally when I find a new piece of software for my workflow I can get pretty excited about it and the productivity it can provide. Very few times though do I get a experience in software that is so good that I can't go back to the old way of doing things.

Terminal was one area I never thought would change or get better anytime soon. Spending hours reading up on iTerm2 and ZSH to get a great terminal experience was something I did a few years ago and I was happy with it and rarely ever touched. Then came along Warp.

Warp has been a total game changer for me, and even helped me save those horribly long commands I would never remember until I go through my bookmarks or stackoverflow to find it. It can even help get new developers to the team up to speed by sharing custom script commands in teams/groups which has been a huge bonus!

Warp AI

It's free to use and comes powered with AI to help you find commands, scripts, and even code suggestions. No more stack overflow hell 👾! Normally I would just say try it or leave it, but you're really doing most of your work wrong if your not using Warp. It's that good.

With Warp you can easily query directly in the prompt to get answers to any programming related question like example:

# Hey dude how do I start a new NextJS project in Typescript with App Router?

And even follow up questions while it saves your AI query history to help get you go through the processes and improve your results.

Something we google every once in a while or have in our notes is now accessible in a few keystrokes. Save it to your Workflows and share it with your teams for easy access and allows you to move on with your work and not sort through Google results.

Quickly click to copy the command/prompts to your clipboard, run it directly in your terminal or save it as a workflow for future use with your team.

Warp Workflows

Have a sh*t ton of commands you use daily? Don't worry you can sort and catalog your workflow commands into folders for easy access.
As well add dynamic parameters to your commands to make them more flexible:

echo "Hello {{name}}"

Favorite commands you use often to quickly access them by tabbing or keystroking up (depending on your settings). Oh and the customizability is amazing, you can drag and drop your ZSH theme properties into custom positions. Support for Fish shell and more!

Download Warp with my referral 🎉👾 or brew install --cask warp .


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